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A raw food diet offers a healthy, natural alternative to the highly processed foods commonly found in supermarkets. The premise behind a raw food diet is to eat only uncooked foods in their natural forms. The Best of Raw Food website considers foods uncooked if cheap jerseys shop they are never heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. cheap jerseys The commitment to unprocessed foods requires that fruits and vegetables be fresh, unaltered and free of additives. The raw food diet emphasizes eating green leafy vegetables, sugary fruits and unprocessed foods with a high unsaturated fat content. These foods abound in most vitamins and minerals as well as beneficial antioxidants.

Balance your meals by consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as unprocessed whole grains that remain uncooked. Soak grains and seeds until they sprout to provide a raw form of carbohydrates. For breakfast, eat several cups of melon or another sugar rich fruit. Consider blending several fruits into a healthy, raw fruit smoothie to make yourself feel full.

Typical lunches consist of a leafy green salad with a salad dressing made of a raw plant fat, such as wholesale nfl jerseys avocado, mixed with a sugary fruit, such as orange or lemon. Include one or two servings of fruit to boost your energy level.

For dinner, eat a large salad with a mixture of leafy green vegetables. Include fat cheap jerseys china rich avocado, nuts, seeds or olives to boost the nutritional value of your salad. Supplement your meal with dried fruits, citrus fruits or raw vegetables. According to The Best of Raw Food website, this type of diet also promotes consumption of beneficial alkaline foods that are higher in pH and boost immune system functioning. Raw food enthusiasts claim that the diet replaces « dead food » with live, energy boosting food. People who eat only raw foods may limit their intake of protein, vitamin B12 and calcium, compounds vital to proper bodily functioning. Food scientists criticize the idea that the denatured enzymes in cooked foods are unhealthy, noting that humans’ acidic stomachs quickly denature enzymes anyway.

A switch to an entirely raw diet is a significant lifestyle change that should be carefully considered. Consult a doctor or nutritionist to determine whether you receive adequate nutrients when adhering to the diet. Dietary supplements may be necessary to add calcium and vitamin B12 to your diet.Articles Connexes: